Friday, January 16, 2015

Racine Police Chief Art Howell
and the Poop Police
CASE# 2014CFOOO1506

When it comes to the truth in court, veracity by State witnesses is going to be an issue.  Along with the veracity issues before the court, the competence of City of Racine Police will also be on trial.

Let’s begin with the State of Wisconsin star witness Brian Polk.

Brian Polk's journey to become a credible witness for the State will be a long and arduous journey. Brian Polk will have to convince jurors he defended himself against Mr. Hanson with a tree branch.  This tree branch defense was asserted in a police report filed by City of Racine Police Officer Donna Hanke.  RCCC believes this defense to be a fraud, a lie before the court.

Video evidence of the incident does not appear to illuminate Mr. Polk defending himself  on Kurt Hanson's property with a tree branch, unless the tree branch is the wooden handles of a gun.

Approximately 14 days after the incident, City of Racine Police Officer Todd Hoover secured video evidence of the altercation from Mr. Hanson’s  neighbor.

For over 60 days, the City of Racine has had in its possession video evidence we believe debunks the police report filed by City of Racine Police Officer Donna Hanke.

Wisconsin court rules require attorneys to immediately notify the court of any veracity issues before the court. The rule we speak of is SCR 20:3:3.  (candor towards the tribunal).
Scott Letteney represents the City of Racine, so why has Mr. Letteney not notified the court of the misinformation before the court as required by law, and further acted to correct the defective complaint?

We believe the answer to this question is the City of Racine is actively engaged in a cover-up to reduce liability.

The liability issue began on 11-01-2014 when City of Racine Police failed to conduct a proper investigation of the Polk/Hanson altercation and before taking action against Mr. Hanson.

The City of Racine failed to take a witness statement of the altercation,  and further failed to recover video evidence before taking action against Mr. Hanson.  These failures by City of Racine Police are basic failures of investigation class 101.

We further believe the incident commander was unprepared for a non aggressive dog to enter the scene. Had the incident commander acted in a proper and professional manner, he would have already been aware that the dog was not malicious.  The City of Racine Police was quick to list previous encounters with Mr. Hanson, but the incident commander failed to recognize by City of Racine Police own records that all previous police encounters with Mr. Hanson’s dog were friendly.

So, with the City of Racine being led by an incident commander acting as a jack booted terrorist, the City of Racine killed Mr. Hanson’s dog without cause or provocation. City of Racine Police Chief Art Howell described Mr. Hanson’s dog as a “distraction”.   A distraction is not cause to kill. 

The City of Racine Police knowingly and willingly shot and killed Mr. Hanson’s dog. The dog displayed no aggressive behavior before being shot by police. Was this shooting of Mr. Hanson’s dog an act of malice by Racine Police, perhaps even premeditation?  We think so. The City of Racine took property without due process, an illegal act by badged cowards.

If Art Howell is subpoenaed into court by defense to testify about Racine Police actions of 11-01-2014,  Art Howell may expose what his department is,  an untrained, undisciplined group of thugs.  Art’s testimony may further illuminate himself as an incompetent buffoon, a bad joke on the City of Racine. 

Veracity....embrace it !

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