Saturday, February 7, 2015

County of Racine Vs. Debi L Fuller-Slowey 
Case # 2014FO000446
and how Debi may get stung again,
But not by the bees!

You know of the song
about the birds and the bees

Here is Racine's version;
Let me tell you about the Turds and the Bees
and the lawyers and their Fees.......... 

  Hear no Evil...............See no Evil...............Speak no Evil...
That's not how things are done in
 Racine County Corporation Counsel

Susana Kim- Racine County Corporation Counsel
Kim represented the county during trial
Is this the face of Resident Evil?
an instrument of destruction and a pretty
false facade of
Racine County Corporation Counsel 
Michael Lanzdorf's 
evil ways?

In RCCC eyes,
this question begs to be asked.
Is there collusion between 
Racine County Corporation Counsel 
Attorney Brett Ekes of Burlington?

Defendant's Attorney Brett Ekes failed to motion the court for dismissal with prejudice.

This may not seem like a big deal until you hear what Brett Ekes stated to Racine County Corporation Counsel after the verdict.

Brett Ekes informed Corporation Counsel after the trial that they could refile charges against the defendant Debi L. Fuller.


Yes Folks, Attorney Brett Ekes informed Corporation Counsel after the not guilty verdict was read by Judge Wayne Marik that corporation counsel could reissue charges against Debi Fuller.

Does that sound like an Attorney that has his client's best interest at heart, or himself?

No wonder he didn't ask for a dismissal with prejudice!

This further begs the questions of why Defense Attorney Brett Ekes didn't file any motions to the court for dismissal before trial occurred.

Folks, we can't make this shit up, it's just too bizarre for our minds.

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