Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Case # 2014FO000446

Kangaroo Court ?
You Decide !

              Was Judge Wayne Marik caught on his "B" game ?

It appears so during a trial involving bees, alleged zoning violations, and a county summons and complaint that lacked a complainant's signature.

Below is a copy of the defective summons and complaint issued to bee keeper Debi Fuller. The summons and complaint alleges wetland zoning violations, Ordinance 20-11

In the lower right hand corner of the box is where a signature is required to prosecute a forfeiture case. An exception to this requirement could have been achieved if a Scrivener Error Affidavit was provide to the defendant and court.

Without an authorized signature and date,  the summons and complaint (ticket) is defective and cannot be used in court. 

It is RCCC's position that there is and was no jurisdiction in the Racine County Circuit Court system when trial occurred on 2-04-2015.  It seems Judge Wayne Marik unwittingly conducted a "mock" trial with no legal authority.

For the "MOCK" record, Judge Wayne Marik ruled the case  


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